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Talked to my son about what my Grandma calls "n*gga sh*t".  (
I'm so glad @artistechguy posted this pic.)

My friend called me to take her to Foot Locker because some new tennis shoes were coming out - which was amazing to me - because her son is a junior in high school, and he doesn't have a college fund but has thousands of dollars in gym shoes.  #niggashit.

I asked her, "where's your car?".  She said, "my transmission is out.".  Soooo, you gotta catch a ride to get this dude some shoes and ask me to loan you some money for car repairs . . .

All the while I'm on a conference call with other debt consolidators saying "we" should merge together and buy stock in athletic shoes and clothing because "they" are eating it up. Who are "they"? US!!  We're broke mufukkas trying to keep up with other broke mufukkas to prove we ain't broke! We're such a f*cking laughing stock . . .

We have to do something different.  #ihatewhenicantsleep



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