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1) I started walking before I was a year old and was potty trained way before 2 years old.
2) I come from a family full of left-handed people.
3) I love to play chess.
4) I was raised by my grandmother and am a product of teenage pregnancy (both parents).
5) I argued with Tupac in the mall.
6) I protest and met Dick Gregory and Katherine Dunham .
7) I can't skate, play jacks, French braid, or type.
8) I've studied 6 different religions.
9) I HATE soul food.
10) I don't tithe to a church.  I tithe to the less fortunate every month and buy them Xmas gifts before I buy for ANYBODY- including my kids.

That was fun!


Talked to my son about what my Grandma calls "n*gga sh*t".  (
I'm so glad @artistechguy posted this pic.)

My friend called me to take her to Foot Locker because some new tennis shoes were coming out - which was amazing to me - because her son is a junior in high school, and he doesn't have a college fund but has thousands of dollars in gym shoes.  #niggashit.

I asked her, "where's your car?".  She said, "my transmission is out.".  Soooo, you gotta catch a ride to get this dude some shoes and ask me to loan you some money for car repairs . . .

All the while I'm on a conference call with other debt consolidators saying "we" should merge together and buy stock in athletic shoes and clothing because "they" are eating it up. Who are "they"? US!!  We're broke mufukkas trying to keep up with other broke mufukkas to prove we ain't broke! We're such a f*cking laughing stock . . .

We have to do something different.  #ihatewhenicantsleep

I gotta grind in my city!!!!  St.L stand up!!!   Sunday it's the Eat N Greet 4-8pm and Soul Food Sunday it's 7-10pm and I will be at both. 

But I'm not solo bolo - my beautiful business women friends will ALWAYS SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT! @beautifulbrwnbabydol @nbbkn @chi_style @jennilovette . . .  #thesewomenarebosses

t 7pm I will be at Soul Food Sunday.  Don't forget we are doing a Christmas toy drive.... Please donate !!!!

Thanks in advance,

This chick has jet lag, but I #cantstopwontstop . . .  Ms. Vaughn and Lex are the coolest, but I'm such a busta.  I gotta get still for a minute.  My ears are still messed up!!!
I will be in NEW YORK CITY AT 12:00pm. Who am I gon' see? What y'all doing today? Getting ready for this screening I hope!  Let me know what y'all are doing; maybe we can hook up NYC . . .  I can't wait to see @tarenguy @beautifulbrwnbabydol @msvaughntv @jenniferrosenyc @twelve18media today!

Where are my New Yorkers at?!? @mznaturalemami @theiliajihan @melbspeaks, y'all working today, right?  If you get off early, call me . . .    #weouthere  LOL
@msvital7 thanks for reminding me this is my favorite day . . . 

I won $11.00 ($8.00-$2.00-$1.00) on my scratch off lottery tickets this morning; it was 11:01 am.  Received a call saying that I had an over payment and asking if I would like to pick up my check today; my phone had 11% battery life and the check was for $111.64.  Then, at (you guessed it ) 1:11 pm,  I saw one of the "great loves of my life".  

I love Friday 13th's . . .  MY LUCKY DAY !!    #today was a good day
@xblurayne said it right here! I'm not built to be you.  I'm built to be me and play my position. I'm gonna need a man who knows what he has and is not afraid to step in the arena and handle his affairs as a man.

I will be your cheerleader and #1 fan. I will give you lovin' by the pound, but my shoulders ain't built for the weight that yours can carry.  I have no problems with rolling up my sleeves if I have to, but Lord knows I want to sit back, be cute and find new ways to upgrade my man and my kids.  I was made to be your help meet NOT YO MOMMA (the sequel)!

Men stand at your rightful places at the head of yo' family. 



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